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Back at Work, Ha!

Hi everyone, It's been so good to finally have my computer back. I've been writing my fourth book in the "Hands Faster Than Lightning" series and I am almost half way through the book. The second book in the series is ready to publish when I have some money to do it. My third book is with my editor and won't be ready for a several months. December is a tough month since you have to spend loads of money on Christmas presents for everyone on your list. I just love the Christmas season. We watch all of the Hallmark movies, go to Christmas parties, eat way too much good food from Thanksgiving to New Years Day, and see most of our family members that we don't normally see during the year.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season no matter what your religious background. I would like to challenge everyone to read more during the upcoming 2020 year. Take a chance on new authors you haven't heard of before, there are a lot of good writers out there, whether they are an independent author like me or not.

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