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Hand's Faster Than Lightning: Book 2; An Uncomfortable Ride

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Young Adult Western

Late July 1885, – East of Denver, Colorado

Cody Anderson, son of a murdered Sheriff in Shiprock, New Mexico, embarks on a journey of revenge to track down the last two gunmen that killed his father. He killed one of the original six desperados from this group in a showdown in Denver. Just recovered from being seriously wounded by the last three gunmen in an ambush, he is now following the meanest pair, who also happen to be the two leaders of their group.

Four hours east of Denver, his horse becomes lame from a sharp rock that got wedged under its hoof. Suddenly, Cody becomes aware that he too can be hunted. Word has begun to spread of his exploits which has others wanting to try their hand at beating him and gain a larger reputation.

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Hands Faster Than Lightning:


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