Hand's Faster Than Lightning

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Young Adult Western

In 1883, Cody, the sixteen-year old son of Richard Anderson, the Sheriff in Shiprock, New Mexico, watches with horror as his father is murdered by six desperado's in a saloon gunfight.  He vows that he will track them down and get his retribution.

His father’s best friend, Tom the gunsmith, takes Cody in and teaches him how to shoot fast and accurately.  He trains at least six hours a day for two years, and becomes the fastest two-handed draw the West has ever seen. 

The gunmen who killed the Sheriff leave Shiprock after the gunfight to head up to Denver, Colorado.  They continue their bandit ways, murdering and ambushing gold shipments from the local mines.  They are unconcerned about the boy's vow, until he shows up and kills one of them in a showdown.  Three of the other gunmen witness this event and become very nervous.

Hands Faster Than Lightning:



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