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Brent A Bohn  |  Author / Writer

Media Kit

Brent A. Bohn's digital Media Kit. Download headshots, get a copy of his first book & more!

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Author Bio,

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, while graduating with a B.S. in Management at George Mason University. I retired from 36 years in Federal Government service and reside in Warren County, Virginia.


Although I am an avid reader of fantasy, mystery, detective, adventure, sci-fi, horror and ghost stories; I have always loved the tales of the Old West. When I was a small child, westerns were the most popular programs on TV and the superheroes of that time were lawmen.


Since then, a love of the West has always been a big part of my life and inspired me to write his series. In my search for period accuaracy, I have travelled through Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. Experienced the authentic feel of the wild west in Tombstone and Old Tucson, Arizona.

Desert Mountains
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Book Bio,

Cody Anderson, the sixteen-year -old son of the Sheriff in Shiprock, watches with horror as his father is murdered by six desperados in a saloon gunfight. He vows that he will track each of them down and get his retribution.

His father’s best friend, Tom the gunsmith, takes Cody in and teaches him how to shoot fast and accurately. Cody trains at least six hours a day for two years, and becomes the fastest two-handed draw the West has ever seen.

The gunmen who killed his father leaves Shiprock after the gunfight to head up to Denver, Colorado. They continue their bandit ways, murdering and ambushing gold shipments from the local mines. They are unconcerned about the boy’s vow, until he shows up and kills one of them in a showdown. The last three gunmen witness this event and become very nervous.

Author:   Brent A. Bohn

Category:  Young Adult+ Western

Print ISBN:   978-0-578-21727-7

Publisher:   Gatekeeper Press

Pages:   288 pages

Book Excerpt
from Hands Faster than Lightening: the Beginning


Cody rode slowly down the street until he spotted the bank. He thought, “This must be a successful bank. All the hitching rails in front are full.” Cody stopped, dismounted and tied his horse in front of the saloon just to the right of the bank. 

He heard shots and a woman’s scream from inside the bank just before the front door was flung open and three armed, masked men appeared. One stood on the wooden walkway peering down the street in the opposite direction from where Cody stood.

A second was slowly backing out the door, his gun covering whoever was still inside. The third and closest to Cody, was on the walkway starting to turn toward him. Each man had a bank sack bulging with money in one hand and a gun in the other that swayed back and forth as they looked in all directions.

The man was now staring directly at him and was almost in position to fire his gun. Cody quickly drew both his pistols and shot him. He watched in slow-motion as his bullets puckered the man’s shirtfront on each side of his heart. Small dust clouds rose up and out from holes, and blood spurted for several feet in a gruesome crimson display. The man crumpled backward and fell dead on his left side on the walkway, but not before his gun finger spasmed and sent a bullet into the wooden planks.

A Man and a woman participating in a radio show
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Interview Questions for the Media

  • What is a childhood memory that makes you smile?

  • Which of your childhood dreams was first to die?

  • What have been your most valuable out-of-school learning experiences?

  • What are some interesting experiences you’ve had as a teen?

  • How did you come up with the plot of your book, “Hands Faster Than Lightning?”

  • Who inspired the character of Cody Anderson in “Hands Faster Than Lightning.”

  • What is the important essence or ingredient to writing an adventurous story?

  • How do you make sure to draw readers into your stories?

  • If you could improve one thing about your writing, what would it be and why?”

  • As a writer, how do you come up with and commit to ideas? How do you get in touch with your characters?

  • What has been the most memorable experience of being a writer?

  • What does your life as a writer look like?

  • Are novels dying? If a current college student dreams of being a writer one day, should they focus more on visual media like tv, movies, web videos, etc. because no one will read novels in the future?

  • How many plots are just waiting to be written? Can you tell us about one?

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