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Hand's Faster Than Lightning: Book 4: The Long Road Home

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Young Adult Western

Winter 1885, - Northern Kansas


Cody thought that his long, difficult quest to seek justice from all the men who murdered his father was over after he shot Jim Gallahan, the last member of the gang. With the gunman’s dying words, however, Cody learns that the desperados were hired to kill Sheriff Anderson by the father of his boyhood nemesis and realizes that he must now go all the way back to Shiprock, New Mexico to seek his final revenge. Will Cody be able to meet the rancher in a one-to-one gunfight or will he have to face all four male members of the Camp family at the same time?
Cody will encounter as many dangers on his journey home as he did on the trek to his final showdown. Cody collects a large sum of bounty money on way and again helps Virginia Owens, who he first met after her husband was murdered by Gallahan. Not only must Cody duck other gunslingers dogging his trail, but he must also protect his funds from would-be robbers. With threats from every direction, will Cody ever make back to Ellie again?

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Hands Faster Than Lightning:

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