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Ghost Partner

He’s been a beer-drinking, MLB-watching, snark-shooting detective for decades. What’s life going to be like now that he can talk to the dead?

Doug Martin always has everyone’s back. But the no-nonsense cop’s world plunges into turmoil after chasing two drug dealers with his long-time partner ends in flying bullets that kill his buddy and leave him with a chunk of lead on the brain. And the seasoned investigator nearly jumps out of his skin when his recently deceased partner’s ghost appears, inviting him to carry on with business as usual.


Worried that he’ll seem insane if he reveals his eerie companion to anyone, Martin bristles at the order to team up with a new, young, female colleague. But while his spectral pal helps him get through the days with their customary quips and quarrels, the hard-nosed officer fears his newly acquired sixth sense could spell the end of his career…


Can he still catch killers with his mismatched squad, or is he doomed to land in a padded cell?


Ghost Partner is the banter-filled first book in the Ghost Partner paranormal detective series. If you like witty characters, suspenseful action, and criminally good fun, then you’ll love Brent A. Bohn’s voice from the grave.


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Ghost Partner

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