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Hands Faster Than Lightning - The Beginning

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Young Adult Western

Death in the line of duty. Strength in the face of loss. Vengeance in the name of love.

Shiprock, New Mexico Territory, 1883. Cody Anderson burns with rage. Raised to believe in law and order, the sixteen-year-old son of a sheriff can only watch in horror as a band of desperadoes murders his father in cold blood. And as he kneels by the tombstone, the distraught youth vows to repay the killers with hot lead.


Taken in by a gunsmith, the grim-hearted greenhorn spends the next two years training to become the quickest draw in the West. But when he faces the first of the outlaws, Cody fears he might not have the guts to end another man’s life… 


Can one outgunned underdog avenge his fallen kin?


Hands Faster Than Lightning is the action-packed first book in the thrilling Hands Faster Than Lightning Western series. If you like old-fashioned showdowns, rugged frontiers, and gritty coming-of-age stories, then you’ll adore Brent A. Bohn’s tale of revenge on the range.


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Hands Faster Than Lightning:


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